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Sunday, 13 May 2007

Opposing the Closure
- Who to Write To

If you want to oppose the closure of Combs School, you should write to Derbyshire County Council.

The 6th July was the deadline for written comments on the consultation to be received by DCC, but the decision on whether to close the school will not be taken until September. So, if you feel strongly about the threat to the school, you should still write to:

Bruce Buckley,
Strategic Director of Children and Young Adults (ref: DEV/DAH),
Development Section,
Derbyshire County Council,
Chatsworth Hall,
Chesterfield Road,

You can also e-mail Dee Hill at DCC, by the same closing date.

You could copy your letter to one or more of the political contacts listed here.

If you need help with writing your letter, go here.

We would be grateful if you would send a copy of your letter to:

Save Combs School Campaign,
Combs Infant School,
Lesser Lane,
High Peak, Derbyshire,
SK23 9UZ

E-mail copies should be sent to the Campaign Team.

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