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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Rev. Philo Speaks for Methodists

We asked Rev. David Philo for a comment on behalf of the Methodist Church. This is what he said:

It is with alarm and dismay that the Methodist Church (High Peak Circuit) heard of the proposed closure of a school which we consider very much part of our church.

The Methodist Church, locally and nationally, is absolutely committed to local education for local children, and Combs is an outstanding example of a local village school, loving and nurturing its children within the community and at the same time achieving outstanding educational results.

As a church, national and local, we have sought to work with government and local authorities to use our buildings to full capacity – Combs demonstrates this policy in action, a building which is an integral part of the community – a church, a meeting place, a school, a village hall, a place which caters for all passages of life from Baptism to marriage to marking the end of life.

We join with all Combs in fighting an ill-considered, ill-proposed closure, based upon spurious economies of truth.

Superintendent Rev. David Philo.
Note: Combs Infant School is a non-faith school.

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