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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Our Rural Lives

Continuing with excerpts from letters sent to DCC, here are a couple that talk about life in Combs.

Our village of Combs is bouyant and thriving. We have many families here; many trace back over decades and the newer residents are here because it is family orientated. We are a mix of economies and not all are wealthy financially, but we are wealthy in spirit because of the village life that exists here. The one thing we all hold dear, regardless of income, is the fact that we have a brilliant school and we all support it. As a village of families, children, parents and grandparents, many other aspects of village life flourish here too.

Please don't destroy that.
For those outside the area who don't know what our rural community looks like, here is a photo of Combs valley, looking south from Eccles Pike. The village of Combs is just beyond the lake, hidden by trees. Click on the photo for a larger view.

Back to the letters.
I feel that it is morally wrong to contemplate this closure. Combs is a lively little village, with an excellent school and a very good community spirit, with thriving clubs and groups using the Hall.

To force the closure of the School and Hall would remove the heart from the community. There are too many dying villages in our country, and this closure will add to that number. It is wrong, morally wrong, to merely look at the bottom line of accounts and say, "We cannot afford it". Excellence today is in short supply, and a closure would add to the deficit.

Therefore I urgently ask you to take into account the feelings of a united community, and allow our village to continue to thrive and prosper as it is doing.
If you haven't already made your feelings known to DCC, find out who to write to.

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