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Sunday, 16 September 2007

Why Mend What Isn't Broken?

With just a few weeks to go before the Cabinet at DCC considers the report that is being compiled by a DCC officer on the proposed closure of Combs School, it's time to give you more excerpts from the large number of letters sent to DCC.

This letter to DCC is from a Chapel-en-le-Frith resident.

Ours is a farming area, and children have by tradition been cared for in small schools until old enough to undertake longer journeys. There is also the question of facing large numbers of children in school, when their own environments are fairly enclosed or even isolated. These infants have shown, by the awards they have won, that this system works for them.

They have excelled at this little country school. So why mend it, when it isn't broken?

Please think again about the effects the closure of this little school will have on our local community. Please consider its excellent track record, and leave it open for my grandson to find - he will NEED it.

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