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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Derbyshire County Council plans to close Combs Infant School

Concerned parents, members of the community, and all those members of the public who see Combs as a centre of excellence and worthy of preservation, are invited to make their views on this issue known here.

We realise that all of you who know Combs are justifiably angry with the proposal from DCC to close the school.

However, this is a public site and therefore we ask you to moderate your anger and work together to reverse this proposal by force of argument alone.......

Notice of the consultation process is on the Derbyshire County Council web site. You can download the CONSULTATION DOCUMENT: PROPOSALS FOR A RE-ORGANISATION OF PRIMARY EDUCATION - COMBS INFANT SCHOOL (PDF document).

1 comment:

Leo53 said...

Comment originally posted by 'us by the skip' on 11 May 2007 at 21:30

There is an ominous cloud hanging over high peak this week - a whole community, including teachers, parents and mainly children were devastated to hear of the possible closure of the best school in the world as far as we are concerned

We have been locals for the last 18 years and have searched high and low for a school with the exceptional qualities Combs school offers within the state umbrella

we are amazed at the audacity, stupidity of the decisions makers at DCC to consider the termination of the 100 year contract the school has with the local community.

As parents we would NOT wish to send our children to any other school at the start of their school life.

And we certainly would NOT send our children onto the school that has been banded around by DCC as the school believed to be the expected progression from Combs

Where does this so called information come from? Alan Charles give us the truth!

If the DCC decision makers lived immediately within the area they would understand the differences and the benefits to our children

What has been talked about from the highest levels of government - education, education and education.

Tony Blair, Tom Levit, Alan Charles - this does not mean a thing unless you can say

Quality, quality, quality at the same time.

why close the best !!!

We have relished the choice of sending our kids to Combs school, many generations of parents have done the same, we all feel this school is so much a part of Combs village and has the eminence of being able to "punch above its weight"


"Value for money" was stated in the ofsted report of 2006,

Loss of local employement for catering of dinners if closure.

All faculties of the building which include school, church and village hall, completely wasted.

We cannot let this happen to Combs School and the village we will fight then all the way through the trenches, the beaches to the DCC offices

We have been so lucky to have our kids go to Combs school, we hope many other parenst get the opportunity to do the same