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Saturday, 12 May 2007

'Top value' school under threat

This article by Steve Cunliffe appeared in the Manchester Evening News on 12 May.

Part of the article reads:

A VILLAGE school praised by watchdogs for giving outstanding value for money is being earmarked for closure because it costs too much.

Parents and governors are now launching a campaign to keep the infant school at Combs, near Chapel-en-le-Frith, open.

Only last September, an Ofsted report said: "The school provides outstanding value for money and enjoys great levels of support and confidence from parents and the community."


Chairman of the governors Nye Rowlands condemned the closure proposal saying that the school could look after all its pupils well, including those with special needs, saving the county council money in having to make different arrangements.

School is held in the former Methodist church and adjoining village hall, which is also used for social events such as weddings and a needle-work circle.

Mr Rowlands said: "The village hall relies on rent from the county council for the school. It would be a devastating blow for the village if the school was to close."

He described the closure proposal as `an incredible exercise in dumbing down and taking away parental choice against government policy'.

He said: "If you accept the council figures, they are prepared to shut down a fantastic school to save about £60,000 a year. We will oppose this all the way."

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