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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

From a Combs Pupil's Granny

Excerpts from a letter sent to DCC:

"Our daughter has recently sent us news of Derbyshire County Council’s (DCC’s) proposal to close Combs Infant School. I write to express deep concern at this proposed measure, as my husband and I have been delighted by the phenomenal progress our granddaughter has shown in her two years at this excellent school.

"The DfES directive re closing rural schools advises that there should be ‘a presumption against the closure of rural schools…and that the case for closure should be strong and the proposals clearly in the best interests of educational provision in the area’.

"However, I feel the case is strong against closure of Combs School. These factors include the school’s outstanding record, its running at capacity with a waiting list and no spare places, and the superb leadership of Avis Curry. Further, the school’s excellence in providing value for money and efficient and effective use of resources is an important contribution in assisting DCC in its responsibility to ensure just such results, and also to maintain the area’s balance of faith and non-faith schools and thus maintain parental choice; the school also has a vital part in ensuring the continuing viability of the Village hall – central to the life and cohesion of the village.

"Considering all these factors, I urge DCC to reconsider this proposal."

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