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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Tune In

High Peak Radio is the station to tune to today. Nye Rowlands (Chair of Governors) and Mike Evanson (Chair of Village Hall Trustees) were interviewed yesterday, and sound bites from the interview are appearing in the news bulletins.

High Peak Radio's web site

The station is on 103.3 and 106.4 FM.

Tom Levitt MP will be interviewed at 10:30 on Friday. What would you like him to be asked about the Save Combs School campaign? If you leave your question in a comment on this post, we'll pass it along to High Peak Radio and ask them if they can include it in the interview.


combsman said...

I want to know why, unlike parish and borough councillors, Mr. Levitt chose to sit on the fence, rather than assess the evidence, decide what side of the debate he was on, and then - if he thought the campaigners were right - back the campaign.

HN said...

What will Tom Levitt be doing to get the council to restore people's confidence in the council's long term support for the school?

Anonymous said...

Nazeman Asks:
How does Tom propose to halt or reduce the continious and insidious rural community disengagement by DCC.

digger said...

Mr Levitt was ever so quick to claim credit for the success of the campaign. He was writing to people on here not much more than an hour after the decision from the council was put on this web site. Did he have a tipoff I wonder. But other political people round here havent tried to stake a claim like that. And it was them that actually BACKED the campaign unlike Mr Levitt. How do you explain that then Tom??

Anonymous said...

This is a bit wider than the campaign itself, but it is connected. Which activities is Mr. Levitt currently active in which:

a) Support rural communities with relevant services?
b) Encourage enterprise and wealth creation in High Peak's rural communities?

MG said...

Tom Levitt is in the top ten MPs claiming expenses for 2006-07. He will probably defend getting more than the average because of his circumstances.

Why then wasn't he able to defend Combs School getting more than the average budget, because of its circumstances?