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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Consultation Meeting
- What Did You Think?

Were you there this evening? What did you think?

Were there arguments on either side that seemed persuasive to you?

Share your reaction: add a comment.


HB said...

In my opinion:

Excellent planning and execution of the Consultation Meeting - well done and thanks to all those concerned !

The initial DCC proposals were as expected - justification on the basis of cost equivalence, and reducing the overall number of surplus places. NO consideration of quality of education.

Excellent information and delivery of presentations from 'the Combs response team' (school and village hall).

Many very good points and questions superbly delivered.

Some useful information back from DCC but a lot of questions unanswered or answered inadequately.

My overall feeling from the Consultation Meeting is that DCC has created a consultation document with errors, assumptions, and mis-information. Again in my opinion, they did little this evening to demonstrate the necessary knowledge and judgement upon which to properly progress the proposal.

Let us capture the points raised so well this evening in the formal responses to DCC.

Concerned Villager said...

This 'consultation process' is too rushed - we only have until 6 July to write to DCC. DCC are using cost comparisons as the basis of their argument for closure, but it will be difficult for us to get all the financial data that we need to be able to support our case: DCC are holding most of those numbers, and have a head start on presenting them in a way that supports their case.

combsman said...

One of the questioners put their finger on it. Surely DCC should be treating Combs School as a flagship school (it is in the top 10% nationwide) and working out how to achieve similar results elsewhere.

I don't believe that the quality of the results a school produces is solely linked to how much money is spent on it. There are many more factors besides that. DCC are trying to remove a proven success with no guarantee that they'll be able to produce similar good results by spending the money elsewhere.