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Friday, 25 May 2007

Look Out Rwanda!
Mrs. Curry is coming!

This morning's meeting with Tom Levitt was interrupted for a while, to watch year 2 pupils say farewell to headteacher Avis Curry.

She will be going to Rwanda for a while, to mentor teachers there and hopefully take a little of Combs' magic with her.

Pupils gave her gifts, and reminders of Combs that she can share with the people she meets in Rwanda.

A poem by the children, accompanied by a rhythmic drum beat, gave a message to the people and animals of Rwanda to look out for Mrs. Curry!


Margo Gray said...

Where is the justice that a woman who gives so much, not just to our community by mentoring throught Derbyshire but also as far away as Rawanda is facing the possibility of redundancy in July 2008.

The school would not have achieved as many accolades and be a flagshp for DCC if it was not for Avis Curry and all the staff at Combs Infant School.

CB said...

I think this was a very good way of showing the mutual care and respect that exists between the pupils and the teachers at Combs. There is a wonderful sense of family - of caring, sharing and trust - which is so much harder to find in a large school and which makes this school so special and such a fundamental part of our community.

Mrs Curry's request to the Year 2 children was for them to promise her that in her absense they would continue to ask questions, to continue to try their best. We know they will.