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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Tom Levitt wants to hear your views

Tom Levitt (MP for High Peak) is asking for people's views on the threatened closure of Combs School, via his web site, where it says:

Tom Levitt met some parents of children from Combs Infant School at his advice surgery on 12 May where he discussed the proposed closure with them and advised them on how best to put their case forward.

Mr Levitt told parents:

"As the number of children in our schools falls of course it is right for DCC to try to remove costly 'surplus places' from the system. This will release money to spend on children's education rather than waste it. In many parts of the country our smallest schools, like that at Combs, would have been closed long ago - but Derbyshire has shown a great commitment to these schools and their communities over the years. Whilst it is clear that Combs Infants provides an excellent standard of education for its 25 children, many of whom do not live in the village, it does so at a cost of half as much more money again per pupil as most High Peak schools enjoy.

"I am not involved in making this decision but I see it as my responsibility to try to help the process work smoothly. Parents must get a fair hearing and DCC's case must be properly evaluated. At the end of the day we need a solution which is fair to all concerned, both in the Combs community and in schools across High Peak."

Mr Levitt noted that parents at Stoney Middleton school, faced with a similar problem, had won the right to appeal against a closure decision and the MP advised Combs parents to liaise with them on how best to campaign on the issue.

Visit Tom Levitt's web site to post your opinion. He can also be contacted by e-mail - the link is on the right hand side of this page.

If you get a response, let everyone know. The comments can be used for that.

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