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Saturday, 26 May 2007

Stoney Middleton Adjudication

Although there are very many differences between the situation of Combs School and Village Hall compared to what happened when Stoney Middleton school was also under pressure to close, we've been advised to look at the findings of the School Adjudicator in that case.

So, here's a link to the judgement of the School Adjudicator on the proposal by Derbyshire County Council to close Stoney Middleton School.

How do you think that relates to our position in Combs? Please comment.


MG said...

This is part of a letter from Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, Secretary of State, Department of Education and Skills, to the MP for the constituency in which Stoney Middleton falls, on 16 November 2006:

"We do encourage Local Authorities to take action to remove surplus places, as empty places can be poor use of resources, but our guidance makes clear that their removal must support the core agenda of raising standards and respect parents wishes by seeking to match school places with parental choices.

Is Derbyshire Council now operating within this guidance?

Richard said...

Will the decision on closing Combs School be passed to the Schools Adjudicator?

If it is, the chances of closure are much reduced, as a review of their decisions on closing rural schools shows that they favour keeping open rural schools, even when they have empty places and poor ofsted reports.